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I ordered some records from the Japanese version of Amazon a few weeks ago. Estimated time of delivery was sometime between June 26 and July 3. They arrived today! A nice birthday present. Less nice was the fact that I was charged taxes and customs fees – SEK 269.
Luckily I had managed to order the records I wanted – almost all of the site is in Japanese only. :) Now I’m listening to Origa’s self titled album and “Era of Queens”. I also bought a copy of her Greatest Hits, even if I had the mp3s for that.

I was feeling pretty low earlier today. But after work K and I went to the movies (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) and I felt better. I get scared when I experience downs that I can’t attribute to anything (other than getting older perhaps.. the bday thing). I fear the old depression days. I’ve learnt that a lot of such emotion can be attributed to lack of sleep or food, though.

The EURO 2004 is in full swing, Sweden playing its first game tonight. It felt almost like the 1994 championships. I started watching an hour into the game since I didn’t get home ’til then. The part I saw was a really good game. I have a feeling we’ll experience the same football frenzy as that summer this year.

K gave me a 1 gb compact flash card. Now I don’t have to worry about running out of space when taking photos for a while. Hooray!
He tried to scare me though – giving it in a box that looked like it would contain an engagement ring. But I know him too well to get scared. Or, perhaps it is that I assume that he knows me well enough not to try something like that. :-)


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