Pooped after a long working shift

Five days, 55 working hours, getting up at 5 in the morning every day. But now they are done and I have nine (9!!) days off, with no more plans than to clear up some of the mess at home and to do some writing (oh, well, and to finish the Malta guide. Shush!).
My mental level right now goes well with watching Star! television. Celebrity gossip, interviews, movie reviews, behind the scenes photography, celebrity homes, fashion.. you name it, they’ve got it. In between each program (usually 30 minutes long) there are trailer after trailer for other shows coming up that night, that weekend or later on. The voices are the same, commercialized soul-less.
It works. It’s a nice background noise.

Nothing much happened these five days. We’ve followed the development with Discovery, of course. Such drama. Imagine being out there in space and not being sure if you’ll make it back home.
And then more arrests in the UK.
But at home, not much. I guess on the whole that’s good news. I have no desire to live in more interesting times.


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