Sore eyes

For the past few weeks my eyes have been aching a lot. I can’t sit in front of the computer much when I get home from work because of this, nor read or watch tv. It’s very annoying. Either my eyesight is deteriorating and I need glasses, or I got a chip of plastic in my eye when the dentist polished my new acrylic splint the last time I was there. It fits with the time, but if that was the case then it should be hurting all day and not only when the eyes get tired.
That kind of reasoning is what keeps you away from the doctor. I know. I am hopeless when it comes to taking care of myself. Probably because I believe I am a light hypochondric and I don’t want to face the fact that I am very ill, which I am constantly convinced of. Yep… maybe it’s a shrink I need. ;-)

It’s Friday at last. This first week at work has been rather boring. Atleast we got some big news the past couple of days, with the cop killer Tony Olsson and three other inmates escaped from the Hall prison. Now they’re all caught (I didn’t win the betting on when Tony’d be caught. Damn.). Today also the verdict in the Knutby case was announced. The reverend got a life sentence and the au pair got mental care. Fair enough. Though I think the reverend should have been convicted of the murder of his first wife as well.

Yesterday there was a Sklommon gathering at Kryptan (Vampire Lounge). Cool place, complete with a coffin and all. And they had the greatest icecream drinks. Other drinks as well. Cheap too – only 48 SEK before 20.00.
I got a new pair of shoes from Fredrike. Nice! They’re a little bit tight but I think they will give.
Before going there Gitta and I went to the reggae café for coffee.


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