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Ripped trousers and pranks

Okay. So… and these are not pleasant alternatives…

either I am fat


I buy cheap useless clothes



Oh well, atleast bending over and hearing that ripping sound from the rear section gave K and me a good laugh.
Not the only one tonight, come to think of it.

Earlier, as we went into the bedroom to fold some laundry, we both felt this horrible stench, sewer-like, penetrating. The window was open, so we presumed it was coming from outside. I closed the window and we left the room for a while, it was impossible to be there without feeling sick.

A while later I returned, and the stench hadn’t faded. Now we got worried. What if a pipe had broken in one of the walls? Our apartment is next to two laundromats.
We couldn’t find any evidence of that being the case. The walls were all dry.
Finally we pushed the bed out from the wall. There on the floor was some yucky fluid with gray lumps in it. Yep, this was definitely where the smell was coming from. But what was it?
Then I found a metal package on the floor. It read “fart bomb”, a prank. Some kids, I guess, had opened it and thrown it in through the window. Despite still feeling sick, K and I had a good laugh. Then we cleaned the room.

One good thing was that this led to us (well, K) finally putting up the ceiling lamp that has been in its box for a couple of months. Great! Now I can actually see what’s in my wardrobes.

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
camx 2 from usa writes:
That WAS funny!
M-o-m: 7 – 2005-8-15 16:32


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  1. nash'ath says:

    buy cheap clothes.
    you can rip them and have fun isnt it?
    rip it more and be cute.

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