Oh, look! There’s a wooden floor underneath!

It took three days, but now most of the mess in our apartment has turned in to some kind of organized chaos, most of it in boxes in the guest bedroom and in K’s room download flash player for free. I’m calling it the guest bedroom because the presence of a bed in there sort of turns it into something other than “my room”. I can’t use it for my creative projects since that would mean making it uninhabitable access 2007 vorlagen kostenlos downloaden. Instead I’ve moved my desk (well, the kitchen table from my old apartment) out into my corner of the living-room, where it can function as a project table for both me and K herunterladen. I’m more comfortable writing there or on the balcony than in my room, unfortunately.

I’m listening to music by Mine, my colleague Emma‘s band, and I’m really liking it download microsoft works 10 for free. She’s got a good voice too.
I’m doing something I haven’t done for atleast ten years: making a mixtape. Such nostalgia download amazon music offline! :-)
The reason is that the stereo in our car only takes tapes. Though now we bought a gadget from Teknikmagasinet which allows you to connect a portable cd or mp3 player to the car stereo through a fake tape, so the project has turned into making a collection of mp3s to bring download mp3 player free. But it’s nicer to think of it as making a mixtape. Makes me think of High Fidelity.

Today I actually went to my workplace for a couple of hours download minecraft for pc. It was the first meeting for the “development group” (utvecklingskompetensprogrammet) I’ll be a part of in the fall and spring. It sounds very promising amazon for free music.

Aftonbladet’s top headline right now is “Bloggers can get fired” Download free funny ringtones. Not that that’s news.. but it’s good they bring up the issue. We need a debate about it. I find the way SVT treated Gudmundsson ridiculous download dota 2.
If my employer would object to this blog I don’t know how I’d handle that. As a precaution I’ve never gone into details about my work, and I never reveal things about colleagues or projects. But that’s just common sense, isn’t it?


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