Time for a change

After eight years with a self-developed publishing system I have decided to convert this blog to WordPress. It will lose some of its unique features, but most will remain Download free compass. The main reason for the change is that it’s easier to manage and to add new features, plus trackback and pinging will work. My RSS feed will be better too photoshop elements 2019 herunterladen.

At the same time I will close some of the sections of my site – those that I never update, most of which date back to the 1990’s. It will be a slimmer, more modern site downloaden app store werkt niet. The name will change, too. The address to this page will still be http://lotta.just.nu, but as that is a forwarding address those of you who have bookmarks to the skriva.net address or who use the RSS feed will have to update your links kostenlos viber herunterladen.

Yesterday I got the moblog function to work. It’s pretty cool. I only wish I had a better camera phone.

Some fine tuning remains, but in a week or so you should be able to check out the new site herunterladen.


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