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Today has been a very slow day at work. The things I need to get done before the weekend cannot be done until I get the material from the paper edition, and the material will come late. A bit frustrating.

I’m not feeling quite well. K has been home with a cold a few days, and probably I’m going to get it too. It’s hard not to when you live close together.

Yesterday I finally caught up with the Swedish writing course, turning in the past three weeks’ deadline work. That feels good. And to be able to finish a short story is a great step forward. I’m bad at endings… in writing and in life, come to think of it.

I keep working on the new and improved version of this blog. Most things are in place, but there are still a few special features to convert that are giving me a slight headache. Hopefully I’ll get some time this weekend to work on them, as well as to edit two more vlog entries.


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