Confession time

Okay, two things…

1. I can’t do things half-heartedly. That’s why I was reluctant to go into vlogging. It will take a lot of time and energy, because if I do it I want to do it well. I did webb tv back in 1997. It sucked. Such crap. And that was shown on Sweden’s largest site. :-) Surely I could learn to do something better in that media. And now that I’ve succumbed to the idea I totally plan to.

2. I have a tendency to register too many domain names. As soon as I get my mind set on something, I start looking for a domain to fit. Yep… today I registered three.

Those two combined means … a new project. It’s a good thing my Swedish creative writing course ends in three weeks’ time. I hope I can keep the energy and interest up (secret confession no. 3: I tend to lose interest in things after a while, unless there are new challenges in the same field).
There. Three confessions in one blog post. Why am I sharing this? God knows.


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