Cultural festival, continued

Today was the end of the one week cultural festival in Stockholm. Also it’s the day of the big book-sale on Drottninggatan. The stalls run all along it. I tried to keep my shopping down this year – I simply don’t have the bookshelves for many more books. A few pocket books were all I bought. K on the other hand bought a bunch of quite nice coffee table books.

Yesterday I worked at the environmental station at the allotment. Hard work, since it was sunny and hot. Mom and I assisted with the wood tugging machine, loading new stuff onto it.
Then I went into town to check out the art sale in Kungsträdgården – “konstrea” is a cool project where known artists along with art students make unsigned paintings and they are all sold for just SEK 199:90. You don’t get to know who made the art you buy. After looking around for quite a while I realized that the best pieces had gone – I saw people holding on to some quite nice stuff – and ended upp buying a collage of old ladies magazines (above).

Kungsträdgården was quite crowded. Apart from the cultural festival, a youth festival is also on with all sorts of activities. Unlike many people I know, I like it when there are a lot of people on the streets and many things to do in town. Like the other night when I listened to a Romanian band at Gustaf Adolfs torg, and people were hanging around talking, dancing, sitting on the streets. Myself I sat down on the sidewalk right by a zebra crossing, since the road was shut off anyway.


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  1. P says:

    if you don’t have enough bookshelves, u should buy more!!!!!

  1. August 22, 2006

    Arbetet vid miljöstationen

    …visade sig innebära att assistera en äldre man med att lassa upp ris och tunnare grenar som skulle tuggas igenom flistuggen på ett högt bord intill densamma. Inte så tungt

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