eBay purchases Swedish auction site Tradera

The other day I wrote a post in Swedish about Tradera, Sweden’s largest auction site with a million members. Today it’s been revealed that eBay is to purchase Tradera in an attempt to further establish themselves on the Swedish market. The deal is worth 365 million SEK, IDG writes.

In a way it’s a pity. I know what happened when then international giant QXL purchased the Swedish auction site Bidlet. The site changed character and became practically useless. I really hope Tradera won’t meet the same faith. But then, I believe eBay to be smarter than that. Their international site is another of my shopping hangouts, and most of its features are common with Tradera. Hopefully the merge will be a chance for Tradera to expand outside of Sweden without losing its own features.

The people at Tradera sure seem very pleased with the deal. Says CEO Jonas Nordlander to idg.se: “We are very happy. We consider the deal a confirmation that we have done a good job and built an attractive company”.


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  1. Jaap says:

    Lotta wrote:”I believe eBay to be smarter”

    They’re smarter for sure.
    They took over the biggest tradeportal in the Netherland called Marktplaats.
    But in fact they didn’t change to much.
    Making Marktplaats like Ebay or making Tradera like Ebay will never be succesful.
    This sites do have another kind of people visiting them.
    Creating a copy at Tradera of Ebay will not attract more visitors, it’ll scare away the traditional Tradera visitors.

    Greetings from the Netherlands

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