MSN survery: Male autority blogs most popular in India

A recent survey posed to 1000 Indian visitors to MSN’s portal has mapped Indian blog behaviours. Blogs founded by business leaders make for the most enjoyable read, writes The Hindu. Second in line are politicians’ blogs. Many also read blogs to get entertained.
Blogging in India is just on the verge of becoming as the new fourth estate in India, writes India Daily.
Indian blog readers trust what they read to a higher extent than elsewhere, though not even half of the respondees actually knew what a blog is. Blog reading is also tech-oriented, which makes sense in a country that has gone through such an enormous development over the past few years thanks to tech savviness.

A desire for self-improvement and personal development is found to be a key driver of India’s blogosphere with a large majority of online users reading blogs to stay informed about world events. They enjoy reading about technology the most, followed closely by news and education. Elsewhere, technology content ranks low.

One seventh of Indian net users blog, three quarters of them men.

Dina Mehta at Conversations with Dina rightly points out that the survey is only representative of MSN portal visitors.

This is by no means representative blogosphere in India – not many bloggers I know think highly of MSN or go to the portal at all.

Probably the percentage of women is a bit higher than the study indicates, and also the other percentages might differ in a more representative poll, but it is interesting none the less to see these trends.


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