Multimedia on the new Digg is down, preparing for new features

Digg, the much-imitated social media site, will widen its media field – apparently new updates are being installed this very minute – by adding podcasts and video, writes Richard MacManus at Read/Write Web.

With podcasting and more video added to the mix, Digg can perhaps tap into the YouTube/MySpace user base some more. And given Digg founder Kevin Rose’s history with podcasting and videocasting (which continues to this day in the form of Diggnation, Rose’s popular weekly show), this move plays to the strengths of the Digg team. I think it’s a great move and one that is likely to appeal to a younger – less techie, but more media savvy – audience that up till now probably hasn’t been aware of Digg. You could in a sense label this move as ‘The YouTube-ization of Digg’.

There are several Digg-like sites for videos already. To name but a few: Video Bomb, Zoomblast, ZapZap (for podcasts), Podcast Alley (podcasts) and even Swedish FejmTv could be put in this category.

I’m sure this means we’ll see many more.

Update 2006-12-19:
Vlog clip on Digg Blog, Kevin Rose explains the new features


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