Swedish YouTube clone goes tv show

Video clips from FejmTv, citizen video site by Swedish tv channel TV4, will end up in a tv show with the same name as the site.
The first episode of the show will be on the air on December 26, and its theme will be Xmas songs. At the site, FejmTv are now asking its members to tag clips with “julsång” in order to have a chance to appear on the show.
From the instructions on the site (my, somewhat free, translation):

We want those of you who make the nicest and funniest video clips to become famous in all of Sweden. Together with TV4 we are launching the tv show FejmTV on Boxing Day, Tuesday December 26.
Tv hosts Erik and Mackan, known from TV4 show Pussel and humor show Delux in radio channel P3, will present the best – or perhaps the worst – Christmas carols sent in to FejmTV.
So what are you waiting for? Bring out your camera, stretch your vocal cords, become a member and sing your heart out! This is your golden opportunity to appear on TV and to show the nation what you’re made of. Take the chance to become a tv star!

Martin Jönsson of morning paper Svenska Dagbladet comments (again, my translation):

A clear sign that TV4 believes in this show in its tv format is that it’s placed in the main TV channel, and not in one of TV4’s niche channels. And it’s a sign that web tv and tv are merging more and more.

Yep, I guess nobody’s very surprised that TV4 is taking this step, it is after all a tv channel. What’s interesting is that they’re doing it after only three weeks. It shows, as I’ve already mentioned, that the site is a hit.
At the moment there are 4853 members on FejmTV, you can browse through 2542 clips, and the most viewed clip (a music video featuring a man in diapers) has been shown 21129 times.

However, I can only find seven clips in the “julsång” category so far, so we’ll see if they’ll have enough material to make a first tv show. Though considering its length – 10 minutes – I’m sure they’ll do fine.

Below is the trailer asking for contributions to the show.


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