Bubblare.se's top eight viral videos for 2006

In a press release dated dec. 27, Oskar Kalmaru, CEO of Swedish video clip site Bubblare.se, lists the most viral videos for 2006. His observations of the trends (my translation):

A common factor for the most viral videos is that they are quite silly and pointless. Sometimes in combination with the people featured in the clip make fools of themselves.

Here’s the toplist:

1. Being Peder Fogstrand, part 1, part 2, part 3. A total of 280.000 views.

2. The Stureplan elite – the in crowd at Stockholm’s Stureplan about the highlights of summer. 230.000 views.

3. Self-proclaimed glamor princess videoblogs here, here and here. A total of 160.000 views.

4. Lotto commercial ”Men snälla Åke” – a Swedish classic. 90.000 views.

5. Swedish lyrics to the Soviet national anthem. 88.000 views.

6. Pick up expedition in downtown Stockholm – trying out different pick-up lines. 60.000 views.

7. Moderaterna party campaign film Mahogny-Mats. 56.000 views.

8. Baby William laughing – this one was also a hit on YouTube. 37.000 views.


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