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“It’s not just your space”, states social networking site Humble Voice, focusing on creative people within the fields of music, video, photography, art and words video intro kostenlos downloaden. It would have deserved a place among Mashable’s hot for 2007 Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks, I think geburtstagsvideo kostenlosen.

Humble Voice is a community of artists and those who appreciate them.

When you sign up you get to pick whether you’re a 1) Musician, 2) Videographer, 3)Photographer, 4) Artist, 5) Writer or 6) Relatively normal person with possibly no artistic talent wie viele titel bei netflix downloaden.

I created an account to try it out. The site has a nice look and feel to it. A sense of smallness which is appealing. In the long run, I believe more in interest-focused networking sites like this one than the general ones write program mac free chip.

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