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Swedish Digg clone today introduces revenue sharing, by letting users show their own Google Adsense ads next to their posts.

I asked Martin Lindkvist of why they were doing this, and here’s his reply (my translation).

I think it’s a good way to reward the users for posting.
Before the site was ad-free, and now that we decided to put ads on it – in order to cover our costs – we felt it was wrong to get all the money ourselves, when our users are the ones creating the content.
Hopefully it will make the users more motivated to post, and also to drive traffic to their posts.

The site doesn’t seem to be that well known yet, so this could be a way of attracting a larger audience.

More info, in Swedish, on Sovrat’s blog.

(Post updated 11.24 with Martin Lindkvist’s reply and the link to their blog.)


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