Mashup brings CNN news alerts to Twitter

Rumors had it that CNN was experimenting with sending news alerts through Twitter. I thought that pretty cool, but of course it wasn’t the newschannel themselves, but rather an individual not associated with CNN at all. James Cox has created a mashup using CNN’s news emails and Twitter’s API. He posted this twitter:

everyone – added CNN Breaking News to twitter. ev – great API! — just do *add cnnbrk *and you’ll get the alerts as they are sent out 02:39 AM January 02, 2007 from im

In a comment at, James Cox explains:

It was a mashup – been wanting breaking news on my phone for a while. CNN Breaking News comes as email, so I simply setup an email-to-twitter gateway using their really nice API.

All I have to do now is wait for the C&D from CNN :D

(via Martin Stabe)


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