”Convergence is good because it means freedom”

Thomas Plessis at Podcamp Europe

Thomas Plessis, CEO of Play 6, and associate dir. of radiopodcast.com, is talking about media convergence and the importance of great content. He’s naming all the aspects of podcasting, like production, tools, jingles, subject…

You have to make different products for different media though, Plessis says.
– You can’t put the same thing on podcast as on mobile phone. The phone has a limit of 2-3 minutes.
But at radiopodcast.com most podcasts are that short on the web too. There are some 20 shows.
Sometimes they do podcasts in both audio and video at the same time.

To check out all my photos from Podcamp, check out to my Podcamp Flickr set.

Btw, Anton and Gitta are also live blogging from Podcamp.


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