Gillmor at Where2.0: Where are the journalists?

I just read Dan Gillmor‘s comment on the Where2.0 conference in San Jose, which was all about location, geotagging, mashups etc. Gillmor is wondering why few journalists are there.

I don’t mean reporters who may be covering the conference. No, I’m talking about “database journalists” who use technology to help tell stories better. They should be here because some of the technology being shown here could easily be the basis for some extraordinary community information — if journalists have the common sense to use it.

Mapping and data that can be geo-coded — put into databases that can populate or link to maps — are an enormously powerful tool. It’s mind-boggling to me that more news organizations aren’t taking advantage of the possibilities, or, in most cases, even bothering to learn what’s possible.

Geotagging is opening up great possibilities for journalists. But we need to use these possibilities, learn more about them. Others will.
Wishing I could have gone to Where2.0.

Also wish I could have gone to Reboot. Seems like it was a great success.


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