Sleepless in Singapore

I woke up at 3 am today and couldn’t get back to sleep. Now dawn is arriving, coloring the sky behind the skyscrapers outside the window.
We are pretty jetlagged after the flight to Singapore, where Gitta and I arrived yesterday afternoon.
If I was expecting a lot of strict controls at the airport I was mistaken. Everything was quite smooth. From the taxi I could see proof of Singapore’s famous cleanliness. No rubbish on the streets or in the parks, whatsoever. Also it’s very lush. Some of the trees are pretty interesting. We’ll be going to the botanical garden today or tomorrow so I guess I’ll find out more about them then.

We are staying with Karin, a friend of Gitta’s, and her family. They live a few blocks off Orchard road, the main shopping street in Singapore. Like most expats they have a maid taking care of cleaning and cooking, and we feel quite pampered.

In the evening we went for a walk down to Orchard Road. There were lots of people about, and all the shops were still open. Singapore is supposedly quite expensive. We browsed through the books at Borders bookstore, and the prices were about the same as back home.

I haven’t met Karin’s husband yet. He hadn’t come home when we decided to make it an early night yesterday.


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3 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    Botaniska är jättefint, man kan lätt spendera en hel dag där. Vet inte hur mycket tid du har men jag rekommenderar verkligen konstiga, underjordiska bunkermuseet Battle Box i Fort Canning-parken. Svalt också, om det är bastuvarmt överallt annars!
    Vi åt mest hemma och det kanske ni också gör. Den enda riktigt bra resturangen vi var på var också svindyr tyvärr, men den låg högst upp i SwissHotel, med utsikt över hela stan.

  2. Mahesh says:

    Ah! Singapore always amazes me in the cleanliness and order aspect. Hope you are having fun. How long do you plan to be there?

  3. L. says:

    Anna: Juste, ska kolla upp Battle Box. Jo, det blir mkt mat hemma. Men i morgon ska vi ut på stan på kvällen så då får vi se vad vi hittar på. Käkade lunch på Paragon igår och det var en besvikelse.

    Mahesh: Yep, we’re having loads of fun! And tomorrow we’re meeting up with the guys from Hej!2007. Should be great!
    We’re leaving on the 27th, so we have one more week.

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