Vietnamese food

Me having vietnamese foodSo far I’ve only had one dish I didn’t like in Vietnam. The food is very tasty, and not too spicy. Instead it is flavourful, and they use a lot of ginger which I like.
Our favourite restaurant in Hoi An is a small and simple place called Café 96. Their food is tasty and the price is very reasonable. The other day I had fried rice with vegetables and eggs and it was very good. The next day we went back, but then it was closed so I tried a similar dish next door. What a disappointment. Just rice, carrots and beans, and no spices apart from salt.
So today we went back, and I had the chicken and veggies with crispy noodles. Excellent. We also had the company of a Swedish couple who had just been in Hanoi and said it is really cold. Especially at night, since most hotel rooms are not heated. Also the traffic is as bad as in Saigon, they said. I’m not really looking forward to going there tonight.

The only really bad food experience was actually after having a rather dull spaghetti bolognese at our hotel. They make great breakfasts, but the restaurant food is a bad try at western cuisine. I got sick to the stomac after that pasta dish. So.. when in Vietnam, eat Vietnamese food!


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2 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    Vänta tills du får höra tutandet i Hanoi! Det KAN inte vara värre någon annanstans på jorden. Hoppas jag.

  2. L. says:

    Hehe, tyckte faktiskt det var värre i Saigon, även om det är mycket påfrestande här med. Kanske börjar jag bara vänja mig, eller så är trafiken något lättare inför Tét.

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