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Happenings in Linus' world the past week


Though I don’t feel I do much with my days, somehow there’s very little time for blogging. I’m mainly using the blog to note down some events in Linus’ development right now, things he’s done for the first time and changes I see in him.

For about a week now, I have seen him smile in a way that’s not random like before. He’s smiling with his eyes too, looking straight at me. So cute my heart just melts.
The poor baby has a cold though, and sometimes it’s hard for him to eat because his nose clogs up. I’m giving him baby nezeril and hopefully he’ll be better soon.

När Harry mötte ... Linus

När Harry mötte ... Linus

Last Sunday Linus met Harry, the first person actually younger than him, by eleven days. Amo and Stina came over for coffee and a very experimental cake (Mississippy mud pie that somehow turned more into a mud slide… quite tasty though). Harry is quite a bit smaller than Linus. Very cute.
I’m not sure if the two babies noted the other one’s presence. How can they tell it’s someone their age…?


Yesterday we decided to take the bus into town. I wanted K with me the first time I took the stroller on the bus. It turned out to be the kind of bus with high steps. There’s no way I could get the stroller, which has very small wheels, onto it by myself. A bit of a setback. I don’t like to have to rely on strangers. Now K was there though, so we carried it on board.
The second bus, no 4 from Gullmarsplan to Skanstull, was of a more modern kind, kneeling for easy stroller access, and no steps.
Busses are free when you have a stroller, because it would be a bad idea to leave the stroller to go to the driver and pay/show your ticket.

We returned a frying pan which had lost its handle at Åhléns, and I bought a 12 month workout card at Friskis & Svettis. I need to start thinking about my shape – sure I want to lose some weight, but mainly I want to be strong enough to be able to carry Linus as he grows without getting back aches and the like.
We went into a few shoppes in Ringen shopping center too. It was very nice to get out of the apartment a bit.

Today I hand-milked a little milk into a feeding bottle, to try out bottle feeding. Linus drank with delight. I won’t be using the bottle unless I have to, out of risk for him to like the easy work of sucking it more than sucking nipples, but it’s a good thing to have the option for longer car journeys etc.

Yesterday I talked to my paternal grand-mother. They had sent a nice card and some money for Linus. We’re thinking of going to Varberg to visit them at the end of October.

This was K’s last week home from work, so starting Monday I’m on my own with him.


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  1. athenius says:

    My mood’o’meter went up too when I saw the pictures today.
    (Hej, Linus!)


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