Going north

Storsjöyran is over for this year Download asus live update. Yesterday we watched the grande finale with the president’s speach on Stortorget. The county of Jämtland has proclaimed itself a republic, so this tradition is especially dear to the Jämts, who would prefer not to be a part of Sweden freie musik herunterladen. Some more seriosly so than others. This year the ceremony was held in Vegas style. Evert Ljusberg, the reigning president, announced that Jämtland won’t join the European monetary union, nor keep the krona herunterladen. Instead he introduced the Jämtish mark, and a confetti of the new currency rained over the square. In passing he mentioned that he can take care of our old Swedish money behind the stage after the event filmen apple tv. :) The speach ended with fireworks.
We were going to watch a couple of more acts after the speach, but I felt tired and K could do without them, so we got home “early”, at 1.30 am herunterladen.

Friday was the best concert day: Preternders, Winnerbäck, Moneybrother, Carola, Shout out louds and Thee ultra bimboos java ältere versionen downloaden. Unfortunately Ane Brun cancelled her participation – she’s ill.
Yesterday started out good with Melody Club, but musically the rest of the day was a bit of a disappointment mac bild herunterladen. Buddaboys were boring – Eva Dahlgren should do more of the singing where you can youtube videos for free. Robyn was boring too. Only Elin Sigvardsson was worth staying the whole concert.

Now we are going north – we just passed Hoting – after having stopped for coffee at Barkman’s place in Strömsund hello neighbour gratis herunterladen. He read the rules and ceremony of carrying out the death penalty, when it was still in practice, aloud to us.
Before going there we made a quick stop at the cemetary in Östersund where Ellen, John, Astrid and Petrus are buried windows writing program free chip.


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