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Trying to find a balance

• September 22, 2004 • Comments (0)

Sometimes it’s so easy. You have a job to do and you get the job done. Nothing more to it. No procrastination, no bad vibes of inadequacy, no guilt trips. I thought the deadline work would take most part of Monday and Tuesday, so I got up extra early Monday morning and started writing right […]

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My unability to understand unnecessary rudeness

• September 18, 2004 • Comments (0)

I’m irritated right now and shouldn’t be writing this, but oh well… The reason is the people at the folkhögskola in Storvik where I’m attending a weekend meeting with my Creative Writing course. For one thing, it’s quite expensive to stay here, the food isn’t worth the money, and we’ve been here so many times […]

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Impressions of Crete

• September 2, 2004 • Comments (0)

different shades of green from yellow to blue spread like an ocean’s rainbow in the greenery of Almirida bay where the trees bear flowers of the brightest pink and reggae music is mixed with Greek for the tourist pleasure in the pool: children splashing playing swimming shouting off key but in the distance, calmly the […]

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• July 18, 2004 • Comments (0)

The wind heavy on my face We sail above the waters Gulls underneath and a sure death should you plummet This summer’s first all blue sky and a sun failing yet to give warmth in the early hour and the breeze Children running, playing, elated by the wind the height the movement out to sea […]

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Literary scams

• March 21, 2004 • Comments (0)

Ever since I signed up for the Creative Writing class three years ago, William, our teacher, has warned me and the other writers of literary scams on the internet. Yet, I’ve fallen for one. I felt really stupid when I googled for “” and “scam” after placing my order with them. It seems like they […]

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A different kind of week

• November 24, 2003 • Comments (0)

The sun was shining when I woke up this morning – a nice change. Usually I go to work and it’s dark and when I get off work it’s dark again. The few precious hours of daylight are spent indoors in an office. In other words, working the evening shift has its advantages. Another one […]

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Artist date = some time alone

• October 20, 2003 • Comments (0)

I’m at the Blue Lotus having chai and a warm sandwich. It’s the first real artist date, if I’m strict with Cameron’s definition. I’ll spend an hour or so here, then take my artist to see an apartment that I can’t afford, just for her to feel what it would be like to live there, […]

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Colorado week

• October 4, 2003 • Comments (0)

I’ve been at P&D’s place for a week now. Colorado is beautiful. The altitude makes me sleepy though, and the air dries my mouth and skin. Today we went up into the mountains. For lunch we went to a Nepalese restaurant in Nederland which had a nice buffet. In the afternoon we went up to […]

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How I ended up in Utah for four hours

• September 27, 2003 • Comments (0)

Things change quickly. P has been asking me to come sooner ever since I booked my domestic tickets when I couldn’t get hold of her. Yesterday I agreed to, seeing how she’s going through a hard time and me being done with Seattle. She helped me change the reservation for a 10.30 flight this morning, […]

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At Elliot Bay Book Company in the afternoon

• September 25, 2003 • Comments (0)

Liquorice spice tea, an odd combination of orange and anis. Veggie chili soup and a foccacia with mozarella, red peppers, tapenade and basil. This is my lunch in the basement of Elliot Bay. A bookshop should have a café. All bookshops should. Without a time limit, of course. Even in an old wooden place like […]

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A day full of words, outside and in

• September 24, 2003 • Comments (0)

What wonderful places! What oasises, what inspiration, what a bubbling, singing, laughing, crying cacaphony of creativity and life! Seattle is beating with a warm pulse, and I can feel my own adjusting. At the Richard Hugo House they give away books for free. Swapping is welcome, but not required. I found a volume of Ginsberg’s […]

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Back at the Bowery – slam night

• September 19, 2003 • Comments (0)
Back at the Bowery – slam night

He is high on himself On a vacation from drugs Speeding in Memory Lane Stuck in a 60s love loop Faster faster Faster faster Faster faster No, stop! Stop! Exit sign, he gotta find the exit Sign on the dotted line It’s a life long contract, Bud There is no fucking exit So he goes […]

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