Colorado week

I’ve been at P&D’s place for a week now. Colorado is beautiful. The altitude makes me sleepy though, and the air dries my mouth and skin. Today we went up into the mountains. For lunch we went to a Nepalese restaurant in Nederland which had a nice buffet.
In the afternoon we went up to Brainard Lake. They charged $6 to go there, but the guy said the view alone was worth it. I think so too, but it would have been even nicer on a sunny day. You can really feel the altitude up there. I ran for maybe 20-30 meters and got all exhausted.

I have been unable to buy a digital camera. I wanted to find a good online deal, but I never got round to order in time. Now I’m thinking of waiting until next year.
Another bummer is the good shoe deal I got at Payless. It turned out it wouldn’t arrive in two weeks. So I cancelled the order, but now I miss my shoes.

I’ve been doing my morning pages every day this week. I’m not sure it’s paying off yet. But then, I’ll only truly know once I’m back in the everyday life. I wonder if I’ll be able to do it at 7 in the morning.
A lot of the stuff that Cameron writes makes sense to me. P thinks that she’s stating the obvious, and to some extent I guess she does, but when you’re as stuck as I am, you sometimes need to hear the obvious truths.

These guys are going through a hard time. I hope my being here to some little extent helps. And I pray for whatever god that will listen that it will turn out right.


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