Good things and bad things. Good things first: we’re in London. Then, bad things…
When we got to Tent City in Hackney, after having spent what seemed like an eternity trying to get there, we decided against it. The tents looked very worn and dirty, and they didn’t supply any bed linnen. We were supposed to have brought our own sleeping bags. Also, the place didn’t seem secure.
A. had a brochure of places to stay in London, and we found a small Bloomsbury hostel that sounded nice on the description and didn’t seem to be too expensive (though it cost three times as much as a bed in Tent City). Fortunately they still had vacancies when I gave them a call. We hopped on the bus again, and two hours later we arrived, exhausted. The dormatory had 8 beds, and two of them were occupied already. Later it turned out that all 8 beds were occupied, and the small room quickly ran out of fresh air. A bunch of flies were circulating below the lamp in the ceiling.
After having sat down for a while to rest on the rickety beds, we headed off to the British Museum which was next door. We had a look around. I especially liked the Medieval collection and the collection of items from Asia.
Then we caught a bus for Oxford Circus and took a walk on Oxford Street, though most of the shops were closed, so we didn’t get to do any shopping.
In the evening I was a little sick to the stomach, so we rested for a while. Then we took a walk to our old London address (from way back in ’95) on Sandwich Street. Tomorrow we’re heading for York and maybe Whitby.


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