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Checking out the Poetry cup

I went to Café String today with Sofie and her friend Ida to watch the first Ordfront poesi cup. It felt much better than we had anticipated, but all the smoke in the room made Sofie’s throat ache and eyes itch. So our main worry for next Sunday will be that Sofie might not cope all evening.
Gunilla Kindstrand was there tonight, doing some interviews for Röda Rummet. It’s nice that poetry slam/stage poetry gets some media attention for once.

Before the cup Sofie and I practiced a little att Mattias’ place (he had gone off to work). Reading together is a new experience for me, but I think it will work okay.
After the first round in the cup, when Sofie couldn’t take the smoke anymore, we went back to Mattias’ place to practice some more. We read our poems to Ida who came with some good remarks. Later Mattias turned up, tired from a days’ work. The three of us will meet again tomorrow lunch.

There are so many things I’d like to do on the Skriva site. And on some other sites as well. Where’s the time?


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