Work and travel plans

I worked ’til 04.30 last night, and slept ’til 13.00 today. My hours are all mixed up. But atleast I get enough sleep. :-)

Italy.. it will be great to explore this country, to see Rome, Tuscany, Florence… well, whatever there’s time for in one week. :-)
P and I are planning a lot, trying to get the guys to tell us what they want. It looks like they’ll both come along, anyway. :-) We’ll travel by car, which is probably a good way to see the nice parts. I hope the weather will be okay – I’m not really sure what it’s like in Italy in December.

What else? I spent most of the weekend with mother, having dinner at her place Friday and spending the night. Then we went window shopping in a cold and windy Stockholm. No money to buy stuff. :-/ Or rather, I’m saving mine for later.


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