The Unitarian Universalist church of Hot Springs

Now, the Unitarian church isn’t really a faith in its own, in the sense that it hasn’t got a crede. Instead they work for unity and understanding between the many different denominations and their views are very liberal. Carl is the chairman of the church, and he’s somewhere between an agnostic and an atheist. That doesn’t seem to bother any of them. To me, the focus seems to be on studies and openness to ideas and ways of other people, religions and sciences. The only thing I don’t quite get is why at all they call themselves a church. It might have historical reasons, I don’t know.

Despite it being Sunday, the reason we went to church was not for service. Instead they had a congregational meeting. We sat through it, and afterwards participated in a nice pot luck lunch. Good food and nice company. We weren’t the only visitors. There was also a couple from Boulder, CO (!).

On our way back we got to see a nice view of Hot Springs, and also drove past the hot baths. We might see more of those tomorrow.

An amfibian, this one seen at Garvan Woodland Gardens

Today’s animals: chipmunk up close, green amfibian (looked like a lizard, but wasn’t), raven (possibly), deer.
Today’s dinner: Catfish with salsa verde and sauteed pak choy(or similar). Keylime pie. Yum.


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