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I don’t like this season at all. It’s so cold. Today I’ve stayed indoors all day, not even bothering to get dressed. When it’s -12 degrees C outdoors your interest in going places doing things decreases drastically.
It’s cold indoors too, though. Drafty. The balcony door doesn’t shut properly, and my radiators aren’t working the way they should.

P phoned for the recipe of a chocolate cake. Nice to hear her voice again.
I really want to go to India but it will have to wait – it will be too hot there for me from now on ’til sometime in November or so. Too bad.

I watched a movie about Dorothy Parker this evening. The movie was just okay, but I really like _her_. It reminded me that I have a biography about her to read. I’m wondering if it’s her cynisism/wit that makes me like her or her outspokenness or what. Well, she could write, that’s for sure. But such a sad life. Why do all the big ones lead such sad lives… bad lives?


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