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Thumbs and parties

Playing Ridge Racer V on Uffe’s new Playstation 2 has its drawbacks. My thumbs have been aching for two days now. The night before yesterday I even dreamt that I broke one of them (in a catfight with P!!) – the pain must have slipped through to my dream.

I’m a bit slow today. Didn’t get home until five last night, after having been first to the TIME.stockholm party and then to Spy bar, where the place was crowded with wannabes. Like Sverre said, that’s the place to gow when you’re unhappy with your own life – then you’ll know there are people worse off.
The party wasn’t that great – the place was too big for the number of people who finally chose to come, the music was weird and the crowd was rather old and stiff. But it picked upp pace as it went along. Jocke and Carola, whom I had had dinner with earlier together with Marina, left early, and Marina and I were actually thinking about going home at nine. So boring. But then Gunnar, Anna and Lennart arrived, and we found Tiina and Monica sitting in the air chairs in the press bar. So we stayed. And it turned into a nice evening. Once the old men had started to go home and they vacated the pressbar, the party was focused on the small room downstairs with a dancefloor and one bar.
I hadn’t really talked to Anna before, but it turned out she reads this page (hi!). I always get kinda astonished that there are people reading it, and even more so that I run in to them. :-) Pretty naïve of me, I guess.
Anyway, she pointed out one thing to me. For someone who doesn’t know me or U, it might look like I’m having an affair with a married man, and that I’m very open about it too. :-) So, for the book, he’s not married.

Anna sent me some of her own diary notes to level out the situation, since she felt she knows me a bit from reading my diary but I don’t know her. Interesting reading.

Missing U. He might come here next week. Hope so.


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