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Next week I need to watch two movies – I bought a discount card and I need to use it up by Thursday. :-) Thinking about what to see. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, probably. And maybe Chocolat – still haven’t seen that one. Probably I’ll go to some day time movie, celebrating the fact that I still work part-time.
And also it’s no use being outdoors in the daytime. Winter has returned to Stockholm. There’s snow on the ground and there’s a chilly wind making it feel even colder than it is. *brrrrr*

It’s Easter. Though I’ve worked all day today. Slept late – I forgot to set the alarm and was woken when A. phoned at 11.38. So I had to work ’til 22. Still not finished with Monday’s issue.
I bought a nice yellow flower plant today. Don’t know the name. Felt eastery, anyhow. :-)

Today I booked a trip to Paris in May. Four days. Should be just lovely.


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