Paris in spring

Paris is charming, cozy, sunny, expensive, sandy, and totally the wrong place to be with your ex if you’ve just broke up with him. However, I’m trying to ignore that and am having a good time. Though from time to time it hits me, and hits me hard :-/

We landed at Beauvais, which is a very small airport two hours drive from Paris. When we got to the hotel it was already 22:30. So we just went for a pizza and then went to sleep. It’s been a long week.

Today we’ve walked a lot, enjoying the sunshine. In the morning we had a sandwich at Cafe de la Paix, famous because Hemmingway and some other authors used to come there. Then we went to Place de la concorde and from there to the Louvre. Saw lots of paintings with a lot of Jesuses and saints, some noblemen, some peasants, and then Mona Lisa.

Now we’re at easyEverything (yes, there’s one in Paris as well..), though it’s more expensive than the ones in UK or Italy. Actually, most things in Paris are expensive.


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