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Friday 13th

No bricks have fallen on my head, no cars hit me, and the sun even broke through the clouds a couple of times today. And it’s Friday 13th. Imagine that.

Went to the psychologist for the third and final time today. The previous sessions I’ve known exactly what I’ve been wanting to talk about, but not this time. I wasn’t in a talkative/explorative mood at all. We drifted from one subject to the other, without really getting anywhere. Next Friday he’ll tell me if I can keep coming or not.

I miss P. I haven’t seen her online a lot lately. On the other hand, I haven’t been online that much either. The time difference to India makes me confused – I never know when she’ll be there these days.

Tomorrow Christofer’s getting married. It will be the first wedding I attend. I’m a little nervous about being asked to dance – all his friends are good dancers, and I really can’t dance!


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