My head!

I’m filling in for Frida, working the night shift, and I have the worst headache. The kind when you can’t even think without it hurting.
At work, as usual, a thousand sounds are coming from tvs, radios, colleagues… I’m happy there’s just three editors working this late.
I don’t know if I’ve had a headache that has made me feel like I might throw up before. Is that how migraine(sp?) usually is?

Tomorrow some workers are going to install a fire alarm in my apartment. They’ll get there sometime between 8 and 17. Why is it that these people can never give an exact time!?
I can’t be home all day, and I can’t leave the key with the caretakers since I have the cats – I need to make sure they don’t let them out.
So… either the workers will arrive early and I won’t get much sleep, or I’ll have to phone mom asking her to come over in the afternoon to let them in. Merde.


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