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My BeetleI’ve bought a car! I have no idea how I got the idea, but a week ago, sitting in my livingroom couch, it suddenly popped up and out of my mouth. K and I have been looking at ads ever since.
One of the first cars I fell for was a blue Volkswagen Beetle from 1975. But then K and I discussed its disadvantages – loud, uncomfortable, not the safest car around etc. – and also a motor editor at Bladet said some things about it that made me reconsider it. Instead I looked at ads for Opel Kadett and Ford Escort. But… when I got some more pics of the Beetle and was told that it was still up for sale, I couldn’t resist it. Okay, it’s not a car for long trips. It’s not the most comfortable car. But I think it’s a good car to learn how to drive in. And it’s adorable. :-) And… now it’s mine!

Now I need to study hard to get a driver’s licence. In the meantime, K can drive it. Having a private chauffeur isn’t bad either. ;-)

I surfed the net for VW Beetle sites. There are plenty. Here are some:
Allt om Volkswagen typ 1
Which Beetle are you? Take the test
The Beetle page
VW Beetle forum
Classic VW ads
Ben’s wagen – with a big photo gallery
Jeff Frohwein’s Beetle Technical Page
Volkswagenhistoriska klubben
Bubblans svenska historia
Svenska VW-ringen

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
Sofie from Karlstad, Sweden writes:
Lovely car, Lotta!
M-o-m: 5 – 2003-3-28 20:45


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