Kalle and Torkel trying the XboxToday I’ve tried out Xbox, playing a few games with Kalle and Torkel in a special X-shaped room inside a big rock that Microsoft had decorated with green lights and Xbox signs. There were five stations with different games. I liked Halo the best, even if I’m lousy at shoot, hunt & kill kind of games. Another thing I just can’t do is drive vehicles. :) I get confused by the controls. The hand controls themselves were much too big. It turns out this is an issue that Microsoft have been critisised for. I liked this comic.

The other day I went to Hässelby with Henrik to visit his cousin who has a cat that’s just had kittens. They were lovely. I’m thinking of getting one to keep Morris company. I’ll name her Minor. :-)
But then… do I know what I’m getting into? Mother thinks not.

On a creative whim I started taking photos on the way home from the subway today. It turned into this. (the next image is loaded automatically).


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