Long date day

I’ve worked the evening shift for a couple of days. It doesn’t leave much time for anything else. That makes it even greater to have a day like today: K and I are going to have lunch with mother at Friday’s, then we’ll go to the movies and watch the french movie about Amelie of Montmartre, then on to Centralbadet where we’ll have herbal baths in wooden tubs. And after dinner we’ve got a hotel room booked. :-)

My writing isn’t going very well these days. I missed the last Gävle meeting and the last deadline. The next one is on Feb 5, and I should do some makeup work until then as well. Hopefully I’ll find the time and inspiration after the next evening shift.

Now I’m having a nice cup of tea, after having woken up freezing cold realising the window door had been open all night. A hot shower cured that as well.

I played around a bit with K’s webcam today. It has an animation mode which makes it look like you move really fast and jerky. A lotta fun… (.avi, 2MB)


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