Night shift

I’m early at work today, so I thought I’d take a couple of minutes updating my private pages.
I’m working the evening shift again. Monday to Thusday I’ll start at 2.30PM and work ’til 1AM. There’s not much time for anything but working, sleeping and eating. The good thing is that I get a lot of time off afterwards – Friday to Tuesday next week. :-)

The past five days off went by very quickly. I had a Creative Writing assignment that I spent a lot of time working on, and then I spent a day working on the asp project I’m developing, at K’s place. Last night mother was â€?cat-sitterâ€?, so that I could go to Sumpan. It’s not always easy combining pets and lovers. (oh, allright, lover. I’ve only got one :-) )

The cats are lovely though. And a lot of trouble. I’ve never seen cats behaving like mine. They’re making such a mess. Minor is absolutely wild, and she behaves like a dog, carrying stuff in her mouth and dropping them here, there and everywhere. The other day she wasn’t so tough though. K put her in the bathtub when we were having a bath. Wet cats look very small! But cute. :-)


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