Scamming the scammer

I had a good laugh today, checking out an old link in the website forum on Skom. It was a page describing how this guy had discovered a scam on eBay – he was selling his laptop and this other guy from London sent him an email saying he wanted to buy it at the “buy now” price, but only if he agreed to do a transfer through an escrow service he had used before and trusted. Our guy, having read a bit about eBay scams, got suspicious and checked the site out. He could easily write it off as a fake, but decided to play along to nail the scammer. The rest of the site is about how he went about this, even including people on location in London. I recommend you to read it.

Also check out the display of Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin’s photos with her talking about them and the new exhibition. This is what I worked on yesterday. Elisabeth has reinvented the old time saints and turned them into protectors of today’s gay/transsexual/bisexual.

We got crisps, icecoffee and Dajm chocolate at work today, to munch on in front of the tv soccer games. I took two Dajms, and made a dajm cake – the very simplest kind, using ready made meringue circles, whipped cream and chopped dajm. That way I got some use for the cream I had bought for last Sunday but never used then.

Tonight I decided to skip KGB and get some coding done on the Frostwriting site. Progress is slow, but steady. On Saturday Gitta is coming over, and we can do some adjustments together.


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