Learning Illustrator

I’m on my way to the Illustrator course’s second day. It’s nice to be in the city at daytime. I wish my workplace was somewhere more centrally located.
Today I’m gonna have to fight to keep my concentration. Lots of coffee required. In a way it would be better with four half days. Yesterday I missed something about how to work with text. But then, I’m not a logo creator. Most of the effects I won’t get a chance to use. Things are to be kept nice and simple. Like Nano said, there’s a risk of over usage when something new is possible.

We are going slowly. The driver said they have a new timetable, and apparently it sucks. The trains are too close in time. For me it’s not a problem – I’m early anyway and was planning to sit at Hötorget’s subway station and write. Now I can write on the train instead.


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