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Sleepy today. It’s hard work being on holiday – and now that I’m back at work I feel I need a vacation. :-)
Could be that yesterday’s evening at KGB bar has had some effect, though. I thought it was time to try it out on an ordinary weekday, so me, Marina, Gitta and Magnus had a few beers. Then K came and we went to my place. All in all a good day.

Today they’re like crazy at work. It’s been revealed that the leftist party leader has tried to get tax reductions for things she got free, and that is of course big news. But they’re making it ultra big, like it’s the only thing happening in the world.

I need to remember to pay Improvisationsteatern today, for the weekend cours in improvised theatre I’m taking in a couple of weeks. And this Saturday I’m going to one of their plays. Lots of cultural activities! :-)


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