Reflections on a lazy afternoon

Black makeup around the eyes. Studs in their noses, rings in rows in their ears, hair dyed at the edges, attitude to move a mountain. Cellphones, portable cd players, expensive clothes. On their way to a date, telling the guys on their cellulars to come and meet them at the station.
They were about 12 years old.
Why can’t children stay children anymore?

Today I’ve thought about buying a car. An old, cheap one. Otherwise I’ll never learn driving and get a license.
Some people might argue I do it the wrong way around, but since I would be driving with K as a guide and he doesn’t have a car, this would probably be the one solution to get me going.
It’s a pity I don’t know anything about cars, though.

I read about the new kind of pneumonia called SARS, that isn’t responding to the usual treatments. It’s killing a lot of people in Asia, and now the disease has spread to Europe. A doctor who had been treating SARS patients in Singapore got affected, and now they fear that his fellow passengers on the flight out of there might have got infected too. Scary stuff.

I’m still not sure if I ought to go to work tomorrow. But since I haven’t called my boss I guess I’ll have to. I’ll take some cold & flu pills again.


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