I have been on a weekend course in improvisational theatre. It was great fun. A lot of play and games, and a bunch of exercises where you got into the flow of mindstorming words, ideas etc.
The group was great. All accepting, warm people who made it easy for you. No need to be scared of making a fool of yourself. If you did, you just added to the entertainment.

Yesterday I found some old video tapes with recordings from MTV around 1990. Wow! The music, the vjs, the shows! They just don’t make it like that anymore. Ray Cokes, Marcel Vanthilt (my all-time favourite!), Paul Smith, Adam Curry, Majken Wexö, Pip Dann, Steve Blame, Kristianne Bakker… The nostalgia!

Right now Pictures of you is playing, and a warm and a little sad feeling is growing in my stomach. Isn’t it amazing how music evokes memories and emotions?

Last week was hectic. First working night shift two days and working daytime the day after. Friday night was another kgb night, then I went to spy bar for the Robinson party Saturday evening.

There’s something with Spy bar that just doesn’t agree with me. When I thought about it afterwards I couldn’t think of a single time I had had fun at that place (except perhaps for the time when Sverre kept buying me and Anna girlie drinks – very sweet & peachy). Too crowded, too noicy and too many wannabes.


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