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Protest rally at Norra bantorgetFor the first time in my life I have taken part in a protest rally today. 35 000 participants had gathered in Stockholm city to say NO to war against Iraq.
At Norra Latin there were endless speeches as people gathered with banners, shouting, whistling… Lots of friendly faces. Kids. Old people. Swedes. Immigrants. It was a good experience. Sometimes I get so tired of people who don’t stand up for anything. Everyone’s so cynical and ironic. But for a while today I got the feeling it is still possible to change the world.
I ran into Mino in the crowd. We talked for a while and exchanged phone numbers. Good to see her again.

But then I had to make my way out of the crowd since I was to meet Uffe for coffee in Södermalm. It was hard getting out of there – so many people, most of which were going in the opposite direction.
At Wayne’s we ran into Gunnar and Hillevi, but ended up at another table. U has a P800, and watching him connect to sklommon on it made me want one too. Though perhaps it would be better to wait for a later model. In a year or so.

I played pool with K for a few hours in the evening. In the beginning things weren’t working out at all. It’s been too long. But then I kinda got the hang of it. I really should do something about the Aftonbladet pool club. It would be so cool to start it up again.


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