Bombs and sunshine

How hard to believe on a lovely spring morning such as this that there is war. How hard to make the images you see on tv and news sites seem real.
Yet, yesterday, when I arrived at work at 4AM, just after the first bombs had hit Baghdad, it was real enough. When I took over the editorship of the homepage, we already had the headline WAR spanning the width of the page.
It was 12.5 hectic hours of work, but these strange days atleast I can take pride in doing a good job. I seem to work the best when the action is for real. When I feel there are important things to tell people about. That’s when the job is meaningful.
It’s good to be off the shift though, even if I can’t help checking out Aftonbladet’s site to see how they’re doing.
Now I have five days off, if I’m not called in extra. A time for rest, fun, and hard work. I need to go to the cottage to see if it’s survived winter.

It is hard to find trustworthy information from Iraq. Like this blog that claims to be from Baghdad. I have my doubts. MSNBC seems to trust it though. Worth checking out.

Yesterday I went to A’s for her birthday celebrations. I was so tired I couldn’t see straight. The usual people were there, with the addition of Claes, K and Camilla’s boyfriend. Suddenly all these men… :-)


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