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Pool party and crayfish

I’ve been trying to get the Hamburg guide together, but it’s slow work. A lot of research needs to be done, and I keep forgetting things. Also I’m not as disciplined as I ought to be.

Tonight we’ve been to a crayfish party (called â€?kräftskivaâ€? in Swedish) at Magnus Ihse’ parents’ place in Herrängen. Some sklommon people and even a skom guy were there, and then some other friends of Magnus’ and Kristina’s. I didn’t have crayfish since I can’t get the shells off without getting an allergic reaction. Luckily four other people wanted alternative food too, so we got chicken. Still had the traditional schnapps, though. :-) The singing was more keen than beautiful, especially for the songs where not many people knew the melody.
There was a pool, 29 degrees Celsius in the water. Nice and warm. Almost everyone went in. And then sauna, ten people crammed into a tiny hot space.

Now I’m watching the Mothman Prophecies. Don’t know what to think of it. I’m not too fond of the genre.


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