Cough cough cough

Today the entire paper was published on the web before 8 am. An unusually calm morning with time to actually read the paper(!), go for a cinnamon latte at By George and catch up with some emails. Nice.
What’s not so nice is my coughing. I’m starting to wonder if I need some stronger medication, because it won’t get any better. I’m thinking of going to the doctor’s after work if I don’t feel better.

Yesterday I celebrated pay day by inviting mom for a drink at Grand Hotel after work. I really should have gone home to do some more work on the Hamburg guide, but this was nicer. We’re working our way through Stockholm’s hotel bars, so far having been to SAS Radisson (no, P, we didn’t use the restroom ;-) ), Anglais and Sheraton.

I am planning my US trip right now. It looks like it will take me to New York, Seattle and Denver. William invited me and P to a gettogether in Oklahoma, but unfortunately that was after my return date.


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