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A week of cultural activities

Lots of activities this week. Me like.
It feels like I’m waking up from a non-cultural slumber and suddenly I have a hunger for experiences. Monday I went to a solo theatre performance by Malin Axelsson. It was the premiere but not many people showed up. I felt bad for her.

Tuesday I finally went to the movies to watch the Return of the King. I’ve been meaning to watch it for ages. It didn’t feel like 3.5 hours at all. Impressive work. And it kept my attention all the way through. Even K managed not to fall asleep, as he’s done watching the previous ones.

Yesterday was a pause. KGB as usual, but I wasn’t in the mood. Or people were boring, I don’t know. :)

Today then, I’m going to Rumla, a literature/art/music evening at Stacken hosted by the magazine 00tal. Fredrik Lindström and Anna Jörgensdotter are reading and a band called Granada is playing.

A couple of hours ago I received an email from Teaterlistan with an offer to go and see Staceyann Chin at Södra Teatern at a reduced rate tomorrow. I phoned Sofie who’s coming to visit for the weekend and she wanted to go too.
Staceyann is one of New York’s best known slam poets. She’s originally from Jamaica, but being a lesbian is not accepted there so she moved to the US. Should be interesting to listen to her poetry.

And then… Saturday – the improvised song contest. This I’ve been waiting for ever since the tickets were released in November. Sofie, me, K and Benny are going.


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