Quick family gettogether

Yesterday I had my relatives over for coffee, and also A and her family. It was planned long ago, but then I got a call from work that they wanted me to work in the evening. I said okay from eight, but still I got another call saying they wanted me to be there at six. I agreed to seven thirty, but that made me feel a little stressed out yesterday. I think the whole thing – from the first guests arrived til the last ones left – was over in just 3,5 hours. Talk about express gathering.
I had made a lemon cheesecake, despite the fact that I usually don’t like cakes with lemon in them. This one turned out pretty good though. The recipe can be found here. I also made a rhubarb-strawberry pie with icecream and some “hot chocolate gateaus” which were supposed to be okay for diabetics to eat.
It was the first time K met my relatives, and with them all being women I can understand that he after a while felt he had done his duty and went to play computer games in his room. :-) We can become a bit loud and giggly after a while.

The European election, which is why I had to work last night, went by fairly swiftly. With a low percentage voting, the vote count was quick, and the prognosis just after the election halls had closed was fairly accurate. In that sense it wasn’t a lot of hard work, and I felt we were a bit over staffed. It’s not common to have over ten people at work on a Sunday evening. But then, there was also a soccer game on. I was a bit impressed that the editor in chief was in, working at the news desk.

Today will be a pretty dull day for a birthday, but I don’t mind. Not much to celebrate, getting older.


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